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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Originally Posted by Shroomofinsanity View Post
I will second that toughness isnt working. Also is there a way to scroll through talents? When I pull up the other combat talents on my galaxy s8+ I can't see below what I think is unarmed combat 3.
I had this problem on my S9. I had set the system font to be something larger than default, because my eyes are not those of a 20 year old :-) Setting it back to the default (tiny) font fixed many of the problems with the app's display. Talents fit on one screen, etc.

Sadly, those fonts are global settings, so I have to go back and change them when I want to use the rest of my phone (esp. facebook).

The TFT helper app should not break (have text go off the screen without being able to scroll to it) if someone changes the Android default font settings. Given that most of us are 50+ years old, we're very likely to increase the font size on our phones from the default.
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