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Default Re: GURPS Starships line errata (and some observations)

Samson-Class Grappler Ship
Had only one core system. Fixed by adding an extra Fuel Tank

Helldiver-Class Armored Lander
Emergency Ejection System not allowed in Core Control Room.

Vredefort-Class Asteroid Mine Station
Station requires 60 technicians; need to increase accomodations to facilitate them.

Aquarius-Class Interstellar Supertanker
Occ is 14ASV but the crew breakdown lists 19 crew. The easiest fix is to add 4 more cabins, reducing Steerage Cargo to 9,880 tons.

Lewis-Class HSTV
Can't have Weapon Battery in [Core]. Easiest fix is to swap the [Core] Smaller SM System with one of the Fuel Tanks. Alternatively replace the Weapon Battery with a Fuel Tank and add a Smaller SM System in the hull with one Weapon Battery and two Smaller SM Fuel Tanks.

Steptoe-Class Debris Recovery Vehicle
Fusion Rocket require SM+9 at TL9. Ship must be TL10.
Rear Smaller SM Light Alloy Armor has only dDR 2.
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