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Default Re: H&H Royal Double-Express stats

It has the same accuracy (Acc:5) as other rifles listed in High Tech Pulp Guns Vol 2, like ...Winchester Model 94 .30-30, Savage Model 99A .303 Savage,
Springfield M1903 .30-06 and so on.

So how is this weapon exceptional?

Also, stats are listed for other versions of the H&H Royal Double-Express:
.470 Nitro Express (Damage: 8d+2 pi+)
This weapon weighs less and requires less strength to use. Its stats suggest that it has a single, larger (8 dice) barrel rather than two (5 dice) barrels.
If so, then how is it a 'Double' express?

I am just really confused on some of the info being presented in High-tech pulp. The book is amazingly informative regarding the history and 'flavor' of the time. I am just not understanding some of the logistics/specifics behind the stats.

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