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Default Re: [Combat]: Do you bow, bro?

On the subject of walking critical failures, sometimes people really do just totally fail at walking. I know of at least one person who just totally snapped her Achilles tendon by walking across a flat indoor floor. No particular provocation, it just went pop. Her doctor told her she wasn't a freak case either; a very small minority, but not exotic.

I've severely dislocated an ankle under similar conditions. No idea why, all the little bones just went higgledypiggledy in my ankle, ripped some stuff, pretty ugly.

And some babies more-or-less skip the falling-on-their-faces stage entirely by spending an extra six months closely studying other people's walking (and perhaps practicing standing at night in their cribs when nobody's watching). Watching someone's late-walking kid go straight to running is disconcerting, but clearly some people are just good at some stuff.

I was not particularly good with the bow the first time I used it; I was hard pressed to get the arrow to leave the bow in any sort of organized fashion at all, let alone where I wanted it to or any significant distance. Another girl in my class flat out broke the bow the first time she tried, and then after that was so terrified of breaking the replacement she basically couldn't draw it any more.
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