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Default Re: DreadStormers (OOC)

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
I don’t believe you have to apologize at all.
I don't have to, but its better to apologize too much than not at all.

We're looking around for ways to improve the game. Play by Post is hard, and requires good communication. GMing is weird in that the basic principles are simple, but I have to remember to work at all of them all the time or the game will suffer. This is especially true for Internet groups without other connections.

On the other hand, this is a genre you can handle smoothly. Losing a USB is just a small drawback, the investment you already did can’t be undone because you got the big picture of it. In other words, this could be a bottleneck, but it is not a systemic failure.
Yeah, I can recover, but I actually have to recover. I wasn't doing that until Gnomes expressed that he was becoming disengaged, and I was able to analyze why. If you have input for how to improve the game, please say it. Even if its something like "You used to do X, and I'm missing it".

I do think with the new adjustment I'm enjoying the game more.
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