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Default Re: Slightly confused NOOB questions

Thanks for the great, QUICK answers!

Clipper, I'm trying to print your flow charts. They'll be a HUGE help, especially if/when my kids introduce other kids to the game.

I just re-read the Rules and took pretty good notes this time, and not surprisingly, I have couple of extra questions.

As mentioned above, are the Spiky Knees considered Armor? When we played this came up, the player got his Armor cursed, but the only thing he was wearing was the Spiky Knees. We assumed they were, just like a sword or a mace is a weapon even if it doesn't specifically say weapon. LMK.

Give and Trade. I'm quite confused on this. You can GIVE items from anywhere, table, hand, equipped, unequipped, at any time to any player? Even one in combat? Or am I reading that wrong and you can ONLY GIVE items that are on the table? Not from your hand.

But you can't trade items with a player in combat. And if you trade with another player, the items have to come from the table? Or can they come from the hand? And it can happen on anyone's turn? Even during someone else's combat, then one of the tradees could theoretically join the combat as a helper?

I'll re-read the FAQ on those points...

Lastly, the Rules say, "You cannot discard ITEMS "just because"." So if I have more than 5 cards in my hand and it's the Charity phase, can I discard an item? Of course, I could put the item in play to get down to 5, but not if it's "big" and I already have a "big" in play. Also, the item may be something good my opponents would steal and I'd rather get it into the discard pile. Is this allowed? Can I discard ITEMS from my hand during Charity, or do I have to put them into play and only discard monsters and such?

Thanks very much! Off to the FAQ again.
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