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Originally Posted by GoodGame
Perhaps start with that as the base (build supers by cards), but throw in a track board a la Talisman. For the Euro-theme, as painted wooden blocks, tile-placement, and victory points. Perhaps the board is made from geo-morphic tiles, placed by the players as the game progresses. Board squares represent physical locations of the players's teams, adventures, and strategic places. The wood blocks represent spheres of influence captured on the board squares.
Players conflict using their card powers against each other for control of squares, or vs. the programmed events at the board squares (e.g. land on Go, and fight a battle to collect $200)

Scoring is by trading in wood blocks at the end of each turn. Victory decided by final score at turn x.

Sounds like a mega-board game to me in the SJG vein.

Alternatively----UBER-Munchkin. Munchkin with the added thrill of a Monopoly type track board, with a Talisman-type adventure board in the center. Players 'level-up' in the Monopoly track to clear easy dungeons, claim real-estate, and develop the property (luxury hotels, castles, fiefs), reaping special resources (a la Euro-style colored wood blocks) used to purchase items and powers from special decks not available in the main Munchkin deck. <Charge your fellow munchkins rent, or have your slavish minions build super munchkin items>
Throw in cardboard heroes to traverse the deck, and enter the Talisman-style central board to defeat the randomally drawn evil badie and win the game!

Two comments on these ideas for a SJG board game.

1) Please, not a roll and move (Talisman, Monopoly etc). It will not sell except to SJG faithful (well except me). Instead they should go more towards a game with tough decisions like rpgs contain. How about something using secret bidding to determine if you get a superpower. Winners trade in hero points to improve their skills and everyone keeps half of their points. After each round of bidding they would improve their characters with the highest bidder getting first pick and going down from there.

The players would then do a task, not sure how they would be given them though.

2) If SJ Games wants to crack the Eurogames market they have to do several things.
a) make the game challenging but not too random. Eurogamers hate too much randomness
b) keep the "take that" ability and minimise it, EGers dislike take that. Look at the most popular BGG games and none of them are direct "take that" games. There is player screwage but it is all indirect.
c) Make the game attractive. I own Munchkin, Burn in Hell and a couple of other SJG games but I dislike the quality of the cards (and the cost associated with the current games). This leads into:
d) make the pieces high quality, eurogames are not just about the pieces, they are also about the game play and how the players interact (or don't in some places).
e) Theme in a eurogame is not as important to a eurogamer as it is to a typical RPGer (or Munchkin fan). So if you make a theme heavy game, it cannot disguise the mechanics.

Or I could be wrong about everything... ;)
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