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Default Re: Emerging smokepowder weapons in my fantasy

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Wheellocks are canonically possible in FR, but not widespread. It has only been 14 years since smokepowder started to become known, after all.
Right. IIRC, the knowledge was spread around after the ToT by gnomish followers of the god of invention and clockwork who's symbol is a gear. I'm also quite sure that wheellocks were on a list of 2nd ed FR guns in a book I had and probably still have somewhere. Not the rare/magic items section, the equipment section. (Aside, I also recall they were 'balanced' by doing crap damage. Sigh.)

Ofc, this is a DnD setting, and internal consistency is not a strong point. If you have different equipment reference you prefer, that's fine. However, keep the Gondites away from the guns - putting the two together will result in better locks than matchlocks in a few weeks at most. It may take a few years for the clockwork golems with Gatling cannons for arms.

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But what do smokepowder weapons do against adventurers that bows don't?
Spike damage. If your adventurer model doesn't include a fair amount of DR, this isn't relevant.

However, if I was going to translate the feel of DnD mid to high level adventurers to GURPS, a lot of the DnD AC would become DR, even on the lightly armored ones. Heavily fortified light armor of high quality and materials + some misc enchantments will probably bring even the wizards to DR 6+ by the time they are equivalent to mid level DnD adventurers. DR in the 5-10 level is only so so vs giant monsters, but very important vs. mook hordes. It also serves to model the traditional DnD "peasants can only hurt you by wrassling you to the ground" paradigm.

If your 'crunchies' are relying purely on good defense rolls and luck instead, more power to them. Be careful around for mook hordes.
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Interesting, but, nothing that can't be done as well or better with traditional spells.
Significant suicide bombers are easy to do with traditional spells? OK, what have I missed?
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