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Default Re: Emerging smokepowder weapons in my fantasy

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Aiming bows had to be done by experience, not by sighting the arrow, since warbows were drawn so far back. And even hitting the right area is non-trivial at hundreds of yards.
But how long can it take to learn to put an arrow "vaguely over there", which is the goal of volley fire? It certainly won't take years. It shouldn't take months, or, for that matter, weeks. Anyone with experience taking an archery class weigh in?

Historically, it took about ten years to gain. We're not just talking about muscle mass, we're talking about developing muscular and skeletal strength in areas that most people are very weak in. Archers were built differently because they had been shooting heavy bows since childhood.
There is a very big difference between there *being* skeletal deformation and the skeletal deformation being required (or, for that matter, productive). Muscle mass can be gained rapidly, unless you have an inadequate diet, in which case people who already have it will probably lose it. Even one year is an absurdity unless the skeletal deformations are, in fact, absolutely essential.
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