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Default Re: For SJ, where's the Move and Defend and option?

Originally Posted by Chris Rice View Post
I don't believe it is the intention of the rules, but Steve and co. have steadfastly avoided answering rules questions on the forums. I guess that's because it a bit of a rabbit hole and they realise once they start down that route it'll never end and they'll never get anything else done. Still a clarification would have been nice.
The other problem with them answering on the forum is it :

A. Creates a cloud of "official" rules clarifications and changes that is floating around someplace on the internet. This results in no one knowing what the actual rules are at any given moment.

B. It creates a group of "elite" players who regularly read the forums and who think they know the right way to play. A sure way to alienate most players.

To my way of thinking, discussion on the forum is a good thing but official rule clarifications and changes should be published as a downloadable pdf and, perhaps, as an errata and clarification update available through the TFT Helper.
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