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Originally Posted by Vynticator View Post
Intrepid but naked heroes trapped in remote wilderness. Given the skills, how easy would it be to improvise some clothing from, say, wolf pelts. They have only a knife to help them, and what tools and materials might be improvised from the Scandinavian landscape.

Is it possible at all, or do you need particular chemicals to make fur clothes?

Many thanks if you can help!
The short answer is no, you don't need anything you don't have, although just a single knife will probably add a -1 or 2 penalty to Survival skill. Brains make a perfectly acceptable tanning solution.
For immediate use, you won't be able to tan it at all, and will have to settle for just scraping it; this is entirely possible, however. It will also be pretty crude because you won't have had time to process sinew into thread or bones into needles. It will not last for more than a month or so in wearable condition, and will start to be pretty unpleasant to wear sooner than that, but it beats freezing and will keep you going long enough to tan some other hides properly, a process which takes a few days, possibly up to a week depending on local climate (in Northwest Canada about 5 days, per my caribou-hunting cousin). Survival skill will help with tanning and making the tools mentioned, but Sewing is called for to make something wearable once you have them.
A good-sized wolf pelt is about enough for a smallish blanket or cape, or a robe for a SM-1 or smaller character, or a vest or possibly trousers for an SM 0 character. 3-3 1/2 wolfhides will be enough to kit an SM 0 character with pants, a top, foot coverings, hand coverings and a hat. Deer have slightly larger usable hides but aren't as warm. Reindeer are a good choice, they're bigger than wolves but have a good pelt on them. Avoid bears, you're not nearly well enough armed to try to get their pelts away from them.
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