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Default [Magic/DF] Powerstone or Power Item (Worldbuilding)

Right now I'm in the process of worldbuilding; my world is probably going to come across as a strange hybrid fantasy like Slayers/One Piece with some Wonderland thrown in for good measure. Many of the streamlined/handwaved rule treatments from DF are how the world's physics actually work out. (Though Magic generally takes precedence over DF, like Create Earth being an Instant spell that conjures normal earth material).

The question of which approach to items that hold magic energy for the caster to use arose.

A Power Item needs to be attuned to its owner; only he can use its stored energy, and he can only own one such item. The item's objective cash value determines how much power it can hold. These items are never destroyed by being charged.

A Powerstone, on the other hand, is made in a difficult process of increasing an item's energy capacity. Every day, the stone pulls some mana out of the area to charge itself toward its capacity. These stones can wind up with quirks or even get destroyed in the process of being made.

Since I'm doing this for the purposes of writing a story and which approach I take will impact the feel of the world I make, I wanted to get some feedback on which one other people would rather see me use. Both approaches have a certain style I like (though I can't imagine using any hybrid of them), though I've never actually played in a campaign where either is in use.
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