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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Variant of Ophiocordyceps that infects hominids. (There's others just for Reptile People and gargoyles of course.)

Those bitten by fungus zombies or exposed to the spores need to roll 3/ST as a health roll (adjusted for Hardy and size as usual for health rolls.)

On the third day following a failed save they're infected with a slight fever. Roll 3/ST as a health roll each day and on a failure lose 1 IQ. (When IQ drops to 5 they will crawl to the highest nearby spot where their skull explodes, scattering spores.)

Whenever an infected is exposed to stress roll 3/IQ or go berserk, with lots of biting.
I've toyed with the Fungus concept over the years. I like it as it involves roll-playing for the character.

So does the fungus start sprouting from the skull (small fuzz or mushroom sprout) on day 3 to give a visual clue that something is going on?

At IQ 7 the person can no longer properly use learned weapons. What do you envision his social outlook to be when he goes below this IQ? Is an affected person more open to suggestions?

Can a Physicker help? What about calming drugs? How about meditation to overcome stress. Is there a cure?

Are there ways to prevent becoming Fungus Zombie, like wearing facemask or having bites immediately cleaned with apple-cider vinegar?

Is a corpse in a tree with a blown of head an indication that there are Fungy Zombs around?
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