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Default Re: Tactical Shooting: A New World: A Private War On Narcoterrorism

Originally Posted by SonofJohn View Post
Surgical Masks would be a nice adition to the equipment package to conceal the face if an attok action is needed.
They originally did not plan to use their weapons in any way and only carried sidearms for self-defence. In the kit they request from their Mexican contact there is a gas mask.

Originally Posted by SonofJohn View Post
Iam also not sure if mexican authoritys would would be so grateful to assist a bunch of cowboys from north the border with all there flashy equipment needs ... so may be say would have to improvise things like flashbangs and would have to work with fewer equipment that they are used to.
The Mexicans are not helping them officially. They're borrowing SWAT-gear by bribing a contact in the Mexican Policia Federales.

Originally Posted by SonofJohn View Post
Well but youre doing a great job with this as with your previos posts, they really should let you write some real suplement for GURPS, even if only to stop from posting you 50% of the forums text....
As for that, I'd really need to submit something for them to accept or reject. Too much trouble.
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