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Default What I want from you guys, anyway

Some of you are no doubt wondering what this thread has to do with anything. In particular, what are you expected to do with it?

Fear not, fellow denizens!

I have a purpose in mind.

I'd like your views on several issues.

First of all, what would be a likely division of responsibilities and specialities of a six-man team like this? Keeping in mind that they are probably trained as teams and operate together on missions that run the whole gamut from technically demanding, but essentially safe, to all-out warfare in the middle of Iraq or Afghanistan.

I had thought to break this particular team down thusly:

1) Team Leader (NPC). Alternate specialities are human intelligence gathering, social engineering, agent recruitment and running, infiltration strategy and covert reconnaissance. As a former SEAL; he is a certified free-fall parachutist and combat diver, as well as being trained in defensive driving tactics.

2) Assistant Team Leader (NPC). No idea, as I've decided that this is one of two people who returned to the US with a systemic infection, probably related to food or water.

2a) Replacement Assistant Team Leader (PC). Newly flown in to replace the two lost members of the team (a second replacement is being sought). His first foreign intelligence mission for the CIA, but a former Army officer and veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment, including a tour in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq. Holds an MBA from Wharton Business School.

3) Something (NPC). After becoming sick, returned to the US.

4) Medic (PC). Former Navy SEAL and also functions as the team demolition expert when called upon. Filipino background and speaks Spanish.

5) Technical Surveillance Expert (PC). Background and other specialities as yet not decided (no player has yet claimed this spot). Likely to include communications expertise, as well as possibly computer knowledge.

6) Physical Surveillance Expert (PC). Background and other specialities as yet not decided (no player has yet claimed this spot). Someone adept at scoping things with the Mark 1 Eyeball and/or binoculars. Perhaps a former sniper or even a former policeman.

Does anyone have ideas for further specialities to divide between the team members? Is anything missing? Who is most likely to add what speciality? What is likely to the background of the others? What backgrounds do I need to include?

Now, I would also like ideas as to what the loadout for a surveillance gig of this nature might include. They have been on-station for almost a month now and they are able to buy food and water pretty freely during those times they are not holed up. The most they can expect to have to lie up for is a day or so.

They are not there to use armed force, but they do have authorisation to act if their security or that of their fellow team members is threathened directly. The prefered method of dealing with threats is flight, with violence only authorised if no other option is available. As such, they will carry only concealable handguns and perhaps less-than-lethal alternatives such as a collapsible nightstick or a TASER. If they wish, they may wear concealable vests, but the heat makes it inadvisable.

None of their equipment may be directly tracable to the US, which rules out anything that is not yet commercially available to someone, at least. Preferably, most of their gear should be unremarkable.

Include specific real-world type names if you know them. Weights would be good for suggested load-outs, but I understand if you don't want to bother.
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