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Default Re: Avoiding Deathtouch? (or touch spells in general?)

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
M11 does, though.
If the spell is one that ignores armor, neither an unarmed parry
(even with an armored limb) nor a block can protect the target from the
spell. Even if such a defense wards off the melee attack, the spell arcs
through the target’s armor or shield and affects him.
I somehow missed this until now, they should probably call this something cooler-sounding than ignores armor like "unblockable" and "only weapons can parry it"

It just seems rude to shield users, normally they can block stuff that can't be easily parried (like fireballs/arrows) not the other way around...

Some shields are actually thicker/bigger than some weapons, after all, a reach-1 shield compared to a reach-1 dagger or something...

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
For what it's worth: Technical Grappling, p. 22

see pp. B374-375

A successful dodge means the attack failed to connect at all. Dodging is the only way to create a “clean” miss without contact, important if you want to avoid effects transmitted by touch, such as some spells, electrical attacks, or cooties.
MA122 tho...
Not every parry involves contact. A parry against an attack on your weapon or your hand represents yanking the target out of harm’s way,
It seems like if someone is trying to use Deathtouch on your hand means you should be able to no-contact parry it, but you couldn't no-contact parry it if it was the limb (arm) rather than extremity, or a non-arm extremity like the foot.

I don't really understand why you can't unarmed parry either. You can parry a knife via grabbing the arm rather than the knife, so why not be able to do that by touching the wizard's arm instead of his "death hand".

Especially with a staff, can't you in theory parry a staff swing by reaching past the staff to hit the arm holding it? "the item must touch the subject" is a requirement for if you make it a magic item and I assume also if you use a Staff w/ a melee spell...

It's not like 'death touch' is a 'death aura' where it automatically hits anyone who otherwise attacks you (or even your arm, or even your hand) so long as the spell is active...

Conceptually doesn't it seem odd that I can bite the hand of a guy w/ Death Touch active and be fine, but if I use my shield to stop that hand from poking me, it arcs and gets me? It feels like there should be some kind of limited variant of this spell created...
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