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Default Re: Avoiding Deathtouch? (or touch spells in general?)

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Parry is actually the odd one out. You can't Block with a steel shield, as an "armor doesn't protect" spell goes through. You can't make an unarmed parry with a limb or hand covered in steel, because an "armor doesn't protect" spell goes through. But you can successfully Parry with a steel sword, because somehow the spell can't go through that material. Maybe spells only have an armor penetration range of an inch or so.

To clean it up, the houserule that suggests itself would be to just to say you can only Dodge versus an "armor doesn't protect" Melee spell, while Parries and Blocks involve making contact, and are thus counterproductive.
For what it's worth: Technical Grappling, p. 22

see pp. B374-375

A successful dodge means the attack failed to connect at all. Dodging is the only way to create a “clean” miss without contact, important if you want to avoid effects transmitted by touch, such as some spells, electrical attacks, or cooties.
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