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Default Re: Nordlond Sagas: Three new books for the DFRPG

Originally Posted by SCAR View Post
Seriously considering getting in on this one, haven't bought any GURPS stuff in a few years now, but I've kept on eye on developments, and these viking themed books have been very tempting - and this Kickstarter may finally have done it for me with the "Allar Sögurnar (All six Nordlond PDFs)" option (plus "The Hand of Asgard" too).

Easy question, would all 6+1 pdfs be delivered in December (all being well) - or would the 3 already released pdfs be available as soon as the Kickstarter ends?
The already released PDFs will go out when the initial Backerkit phase of the project closes. (Goes and digs out projected schedule):
  • Sept 10 through Oct 12: Kickstarter Campaign Active
  • Oct 12 through (roughly) Oct 26 - Funds Settle
  • Halloween Week: Backerkit phase opens for surveys, shipping, and pre-orders
  • Mid-November: Backerkit "closes" and cards are charged
  • End November: PDF review phase[
  • Mid-December: PDF feedback due
  • Before Xmas: PDFs sent out and final files sent to printer
  • End January: Printing
  • End February: Moving books through the world
  • End March: Arrival in-hand

So mid-November is the target date for existing PDF disbursement, but if things go swimmingly, all of 'em will be ready by Xmas anyway. Two weeks is enough for 80-90% of the folks to attack and complete the survey. The remaining will usually do so by the time I really shut things down for new orders, which tends to be when I have to allocate "books that go to the UK for international distribution" and "books that come to Studio 2 for US fulfillment" out of a hoped-for print run out of Latvia. As those "stragglers" finish their surveys, they automatically get any PDFs they sign up for based on the Backerkit "distribution rules," which are things like "if the survey is completed and the order locked, send out these three files."
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