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Originally Posted by Landwalker View Post
Can you give an example, just to see the math in action?
So, let's say a guy wants a halberd, but a Reach 2, 3 one, that does more damage.
A halberd is *2 cut+ + or *3 imp.
A longer handle would give +1 reach and +1 damage.
So, you simply multiply both damages by 1.2
The final answer is that this halberd would do *2.4 cutting or *3.6 imp.

Example 2: Another guy is using a broadsword in reverse grip. The broadsword is *1 cut++ and *1.5 imp.
Reverse grip gives +1 damage, that means *1.5*1.2, or *1.8 imp.
But for cutting it gives -1/die, you could rule it as simply -1/die, but if he always uses like that and wants the stats that way, it would be *0.7, *1*0.7 means *0.7 cut++

Originally Posted by Landwalker View Post
Why would longer fencing weapons, which have more parrying surface, be worse at parrying? If the rationale is that they're heavier, then I don't think that penalizing their parry relative to lighter weapons is necessarily the right way to go (since you could then make the same argument for a knife being better at parrying than a broadsword). I'd prefer to use the Matter of Inches rule from MA.110 — there's no difference in parrying, but lighter fencing weapons (and smallswords in particular) have the edge when it comes to making and resisting feints. This gives the lighter weapons a one- or two-point advantage in any combat that is feint-heavy... which has the indirect effect of improving their parry ability against attacks the follow a feint (and also improves their attacks when made immediately after making a feint).
Because Martial Arts say so:
RAPIER (pp. 227, 229, B273; illustration, p. 219) – Europe. A long, one-handed sword with a stiff, narrow blade built for stabbing (but not for parrying – rapierists often carried a secondary weapon or a cloak for defense).
The problem with the rapier isn't weight, it's momentum/size.

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