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TL;DR: New weapon system, explanation below, file on the end of the post.

I've made an alternative weapon system, so that damage scales linearly with ST, no matter the weapon being used. I also changed the way penetration worked, so that some weapons of the same damage type(like cutting) have different degrees of penetration(see example below).
If I come up or someone pass to me a better/more realist stat for any weapon, I'll change this post.
So, enough with formalities, let's get to it.

The weapon system was remade entirely. see below everything if you have the patience to.
*There is no more Sw or Thr damage, instead, every weapon has a multiplier.
*The formula for damage is Striking ST*Multiplier=10X, where X is number of dices, so, someone with ST15 and a Long Axe(*2 cut +) does 3d cut +.
*There will be many fractions, the way I see fit for rounding is:

*For people crazy about probabilities curves, damage should be 2d*X/2, for the long axe above, the formula would be 2d*1.5.
*Every damage type has a wound multiplier of *1, this can be changed, start from the 1 on the size/range table, each + and – goes on the proper direction, so, “+” is *1.5, “++” is *2, “+++” is *3, “++++” is *5, by the same token, “-” is *0.7, “--” is *0.5, “---” is *0.3, this allows a greater difference between weapons, frex, a broadsword(*1 ++) does more damage than an small axe(*1.2 +), but with a lower penetration.
*Many weapons changed, read below to see how.
*DR was added, now, weight doesn't matter for breaking, DR does(it has the same name, but is based on DR and HP), think of it as damage to shields, except that instead of taking damage, when it does X damage, you roll to break, so, a broadsword has DR9, when someone does 10+ damage to it, roll it's HT, on a failure, it breaks. Shields also have the same thing. Pi/Imp only do half damage for these purposes. This makes some weapons more likely to break than others heavier, frex, a spear or axe breaking will be more common than a sword.

What will change on my character weapon?

If anyone have a better stat for any weapon, please, send a PM, I based it on logic and physics, I never wielded a real sword.
List of changes:

File with the tables(Revised at 10/23/2013):

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