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Originally Posted by Landwalker View Post
Would you simply determine the size of said sub-location—like the shoulder, the chest, the ear, etc.—and assign it a penalty directly, or would you "Default" it off of the host location?
I'd figure out its size modifier and use that.

What about strikes to "veins and arteries"?
I would try to figure out the size modifier of the area you could hit.

What about the random chance to hit the vitals on a torso hit, or a vein/artery on a neck or limb hit?

What about strikes to the spine, both deliberate/targeted and incidental (i.e. random chance from striking someone in the back)?
That's something I've been thinking about. I think you might hit the vitals too often or not enough depending on the kind of game you're trying to run. I think we need different optional rules for different kinds of games.

If I was going for strict realism, I would probably separate the vitals into chest and abdomen, and give the chest vitals a chance to get a point of DR from the ribcage. Maybe a fifty percent chance.

For the incidental strikes, I think the incidence of vitals hits is too high. Maybe lower it to a 5 or lower on 3d6.

I'll have to think about the spine and the other new locations from Martial Arts. I was only considering the Basic Set locations.

I do have different rules for the neck. I'll see about incorporating the artery and the spine and writing those up.
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