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Default Re: A New Version of Ritual Magic [Thaumatology/RPM]

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
One of my primary beefs with the standard spell system is that you are often stuck with useless spells as prerequisites and you end up either going unconscious or killing yourself casting a large spell. While the ritual magic system solves the former problem, it does not solve the latter problem. While the spirit-assisted or threshold-limited seems to solve the latter problem, they are even worse than the standard spell system when it comes to casting large spells, as they either cost you your soul or reality kicks you in the teeth.
One way to have a character that casts large spells without getting knocked out in the standard system is to just have a high FP or ER score, assuming that the GM is willing to set a high enough cap, or just uncap it.

Of course 'casting a large spell will knock you out and may injure you' may well be entirely consistent with how the GM wants their setting to run.
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