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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

This room has a single large door, barred on the outside. Listeners will hear low-pitched barking noises, as if from very large dogs. With the bar removed the door opens easily, to reveal thick and quite warm fog, with flickering red light somewhere within it. The floor and walls are quite wet.

The room is actually circular, 20 yards in diameter. There is a 10 yard diameter circular pit, 100 yards deep, in the centre of the room, well hidden by the fog. It is easily detected by someone testing the floor ahead of them (Per+4), but anyone moving quickly will likely fall in if their path goes into it (DX-4).

The flickering light and fog have the same source, a large brass oil burner (25lb, with 50lb of lamp oil in it, $500, plus $100 for the oil) on the far side of the pit from the door, with a large brass bowl (5lb, $100) of boiling water above it. The barking is magically produced sound and does not react to any noises or movement in the room.

Lifted from an old Judges Guild dungeon. The room designer's intention was that a scout goes round the wall with a rope back to the rest of the party. When the scout notices the rope has snagged on the oil burner and back-tracks, they realise the room is a fraud, head back towards the door and fall down the pit, with the rope slack, so that there's a jerk when it goes taut. The only time I ran it, the party did exactly that: I wonder if the psychology of DFRPG characters will be different?
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