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Default Re: How to resolve this situation?

Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
Please forgive the arbitrary numbers, I'm trying to narrow it down as far as reasonable to define the situation. I have a mage with regen reserve, who wants to cast spells with long casting times and also cost more energy than he has available on a second-by-second basis.

Can he cast the above spell, as he can spend 10 energy per second (20 total at the end of the 2 seconds) for the duration of the spell's time to cast?

Does the answer change (and how?) if he uses ceremonial magic instead?

(I have an opinion of how this works, as the GM running the game for the player in question, but I'd like others opinions and ideas to make sure I'm interpreting it correctly.) :)
He needs to have all 20 EP available at the last second of casting, ceremonial magic or no. That said, unless he has limitations on his ER, he can combine them with his FP to get to 20 (unless you've decided that the setting prohibits that, of course).
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