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Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Psionic world-jumping families are (for the small crosstime subgenre) a fairly common trope.
I liked Charles Stross' version. The family could jump between our world and one other world with medieval technology. They made agreements with drug-runners on our world to guarantee delivery, though it would be slow. They made agreements with the medieval world for fast delivery. They could only take items that could be fit into a large backpack.

Then the cops got onto them in our world. They couldn't figure out where the drugs *went*, but they did break into one of the houses that the family was using to move the drugs to the other world.

Of course, by our world, I mean a fictional world similar to our world.

And then one hidden member of the family who'd been raised in our world produced a new economic model for the family. Not to mention a bunch of new worlds.

To jump they needed a pattern, which looked like random colors to the unitiated. This provided them with access to one world. Later in the series a computer program was developed that mutated the original pattern to allow them access to more worlds. By that time they were careful enough to have a good chance of jumping back.

The talent could not be taught, and a given pattern took you to one other world and back to the original (I think, I don't remember them needing a second pattern for our heroine to get back home). It took at least a few seconds of concentration, and the only way to bring somebody along was to carry them. And without the pattern, they couldn't jump.

They had elaborate "breeding" programs in place, with the inner family (mostly breeding true) and the outer family (intermarriage with outsiders, sometimes bred true).

I wonder how that would be written up.

Jumper (World; Dimensional Travel -10%; Accesibility: "Map", -20%; Carrying Capacity: Extra Heavy, +50%; Cannot Escort: -10%; Cannot Follow: -20%; Limited Jump: -10%) [90]

That sounds expensive for an ability that can be stopped by removing a piece of paper.
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