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Default Re: [Space] Climate & habitability of tide-locked planets

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Well of course your random generator produces a huge number of tidelocked worlds with much higher average temperatures than the by the book world generation technique.
Why? It's a pretty damn faithful implementation.
The average temperature is roughly the seasonal average at a latitude of 45 degrees. Obviously it will be colder on average as you approach the poles and warmer as you get closer to the equator. But in the case of a tidelocked worlc that will actually be a roughly circular band of tolerable temperature all around the sun-side.
Ah. I thought you were talking about people living on tide-locked worlds, because that was the topic. Referring to the geography of a normally-rotating world was rather confusing in context. So you were saying that people live in the mid-latitudes rather than at the east pole. What's the east pole on a normally-rotating planet?
Why would the intersection of the equator and the terminator be east of the subsolar point?
There's got to be one such intersection to the east and the other to the west.

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