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Default Re: [Space] Climate & habitability of tide-locked planets

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Since permanent human settlement requires (a) photosynthetically active illumination, (b) an excess of precipitation over potential evaporation, and (c) an average temperature between 273 K and 303 K it seems to me that the habitation candidates among synchronously rotating planets are not those that are about as warm as Earth (settled in the twilight zone), but those that are on average a little cooler than Earth, which will be settled in the subsolar region where it rains and where the light is brighter.
I've never had the impression in 4th edition that people who live on tide locked planets are living in the twilight zone anyway. More like in the northern and southern latitudes where things are cooler than they are at the east pole anyway. The only effect on habitability is the -25% to hydrosphere.

Which overlooks the biggest issue impacting habitability there of course, the periodic blasts of radiation from the sun.

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