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Default Re: My Book Recommendations

Someone handed me the Superiors series years back and it was those books that hooked me good. Heavy on prose and politics, light on mechanics, and some real revelations compared to the brief descriptions in the Core book.

EPG disappointed me, but then I'm basically a pagan.

Originally Posted by Parabola View Post
I just started reading IN a couple of weeks or so ago. I'll try to keep this post "review" oriented.

I would definitely agree with you that trying to read the basic book cover to cover was a mistake as one finds himself longing to get through the game system parts and back to some background. I found the choir and band and Arch-Angel/ Demon Prince descriptions as well as the songs to be the parts I gravitated to the most. As you said, it needs to be treated more as a resource book than something you read all of. And yes, no offense, sorry, apology ahead of time, but I was surprised at how disorganized it is even in the character creation process. I've started reading the Gurps version and reading it is actually making a lot of things from the non-Gurps version more clear and understandable. I personally think doing the setting in Gurps would result inevitably in some things that don't belong in the story setting but its a helpful guide.
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