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Default Re: Bestowing Personality-based Powers

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
"Mental and Physical, +100%" is a special enhancement for Modular abilities, and you are not using those here. There is no need for that enhancement on an Affliction.
Okay, updating:

-Affliction, Advantage 1 [10 / lvl = 10] (B35)

--Advantage, 500 points [+10% per point the advantage is worth, + 5000% = 500] (B36)
--Permanent, cannot be removed [300% + 30] (B104)

--Accessibility: Advantages given are limited to be in response to pre-existing Mental and/or Physical Disadvantages [-50% = -5] (PU8, p. 4)
--Accessibility: Only once a year [-60% =-6] (PU8, p. 4)
Sum: 529

--Wild Card: "Can bestow any power, but the powers are ultimately unpredictable and based on the recipient’s present circumstances, past background, worries about the future, personality, and other factors. Also, a person only be empowered once.” [x4] (S41)
Total: 2116

How does that sound?
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