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Default Re: Mind Control and Body Control Spells vs Elder Things in DF

Most Body Control spells are going to be metabolic hazards, and elementals and the undead are generally Immune to Metabolic Hazards. But Deathtouch, for instance, just does damage and explicitly affects the undead. I'd probably let spells like Tanglefoot affect undead, elementals, and constructs.

Similarly, many undead and elementals explicitly have Immune to Mind Control and can't be effected by them. Also, they lack free will (Magic p 133) and have other specific control spells, so they can't be affected by Mind Control spells.

The sample Elder Things in DF: Dungeons and DF: Monsters 1 almost always have Immune to Metabolic Hazards (Watchers at the End of Time are just very resistant) and would ignore most Body Control spells.

Most Elder Things have IQ 6+, no Immunity to Mind Control, and possibly some measure of free will. There is no specific Control Elder Thing spell. There is no specific prohibition against using Mind Control against them (they're not subject to Banish but that's not relevant here). There's no reason to suspect that they're not vulnerable to Mind Control.

Of course, almost every published Elder Thing has Magic Resistance 6+ and a decent Will, so actually casting Mind Control spells on an Elder Thing will mostly fail. But if your wizard spots a Demon From Between the Stars and wants to cast Loyalty on it, there shouldn't be anything stopping you.
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