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Default Physiology questions

Adventurers p. 85
a successful skill roll lets you
recall any areas with lower DR, and enables you to target any body parts that have wounding effects equivalent to a humanoidís skull or vitals. See Hit Location and Injury (Exploits, pp. 53-54) and Exploiting Weaknesses (Monsters, pp. 4-5).
So, a hit with a piercing arrow on the "vitals" of a homogeneous creature will deal 3x damage or 3 x 1/5 that is 3/5?

And, in diffuse creatures, like an water elemental, a piercing or impaling on the "vitals" will deal 3x the penetrating damage for example 7 penetrating damage becomes 21, or the "vitals" from physiology will turn the max damage 1 on a diffuse monster in 3?
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