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Default Campaign log: Report to Great Priest Ixanama

Greetings forum.

Some of you may be following Confessions of a Forked Tongue by coronatiger. I'm playing in the same campaign controlling Xipil the lizardperson. My character has more of an outsider perspective on things, so expect a lot of world description. We have now had 25 sessions, so I will start up with a recap of how Xipil ended up in mammal land and the campaign so far. I joined in session 3 or so, so this won't cover the very beginning. Things written in italic are the words of Xipil.

Warning: All members of our group are adults, and our game features topics that some readers may find inappropriate or disturbing, like sex, religious fanaticism and slavery. My character has little interest in such things and will merely state that they happened. Please be respectful in your comments. Explicit descriptions of sex/nudity are not allowed on this forum, and will be deleted.

See Confessions of a Forked Tongue for a different perspective on this campaign.

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