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Originally Posted by Nils_Lindeberg View Post
Or when we declare that Fineplate prices are really 10 times higher due to local demand, I want to know that, especially when one of the PC starts a smithy and invest like 3 talent points into Master Armourer. And then proceeds to make a **** load of money and decide to invest that into something where there isn't a shortage.
I like this entrepreneurial spirit.

The PC will have to have the capital to do invest in the business. He will either have to invest 3 talent points into Master Armourer, as you said, or hire a Master Armorer. He will need Business Sense to run the business OR hire someone to run the business (which will still need someone with Business Sense or risk losing money.) He will probably need help in making regular armors, if nothing else, to keep the place afloat while it is creating these masterpiece Fineplates. He will need raw material, like iron, coal, ironmongering items. He will need time (perhaps even years) to build the reputation of the shop or hire someone who has a reputation (so you can start getting money in immediately).

If the PC is the Master Armorer, he is not adventuring for a long while. If he has hired a Master Armorer, he can go adventuring, but risks the business derailing while he is not there.

I hope the GM gameplay involves many years passing so the PC is still affective.
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