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In most of the TFT campaigns I've run and experienced, I would say that fine and magic weapons tend to be rare, even if a soldier could theoretically save up and afford one. The more experienced, wealthy and/or noble a fighter is, the more likely they may have more expensive and powerful equipment...
I think that many GM's have a picture of what a recruit, soldier, squire, knight, hero of the realm should carry around. And a lot of GM's are afraid of some sort of Maunty Haul campaign. So they set an arbitrary gear/loot level on their NPC, and then they don't change prices, but instead try to invent reasons as to why those prices aren't affecting the world like they should.

I want to change that and work from a baseline that is reasonable from the prices and wages in the book. And if those prices mean that everyone walks around with a +5 fine plate, then I know I have to do something about either wages or prices, and not try to fix it by saying there is a waiting list for fine plate, but for some reason, the prices are still the same. Or when we declare that Fineplate prices are really 10 times higher due to local demand, I want to know that, especially when one of the PC starts a smithy and invest like 3 talent points into Master Armourer. And then proceeds to make a **** load of money and decide to invest that into something where there isn't a shortage.

I like it when the rules have consequences in the world. If portals are easy to make and maintain, there should be a portal in every village, and trade prices for foreign goods should be about as cheap as goods from the village next over. And when I know the consequences for the rules on the world, I can start to adjust those rules, or introduce reasons as to why portals aren't that common.

it is just two opposite directions to come from when solving a problem, and I want to come from both directions. I have no trouble with the direction of the setting since I run my own campaign world and can do what I want. But the rules direction, what needs to be changed there? And we can all have an opinion on that since we do share the RAW/RAI.
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