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Default Re: Anti-wizard tactics

Well if 4 ounces were the cutoff weight at which iron interferes with magic, arrowheads wouldn't matter until 4 or 5 of them were lodged in the wizard.

Ah, the temptation here to rule each arrow stuck in the wizard is -1 DX for spells casting, up to the maximum of -4 DX. But while I like grainy wargames, that's a little too grainy even for me!

I can't find a single character record sheet left from the early days to confirm this, but I half recollect or suspect my original group back then let wizards slide on the penalty if all the iron they carried was a dagger (or less). Maybe that was before we knew about silver daggers, or our first characters started so poor no one could afford silver? Well I'd never go for that today -- I like the complication of the iron penalty. It gives the game atmosphere.
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