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Lars and Phiwum,
Good points.

Yes, I hate taking Dazzle as a spell because of what it does to the whole party, but I have seen it used by others to great effect despite this. It is situational.
For example: Is the DX loss going to hurt the foes more than the allies? Maybe you just need to escape and not fight? etc. So, yeah it makes a Dazzle Gem a interesting magic item for them to find.
Agreed. Dazzle isn't much for an ongoing fight with allies still in it, but it's for covering your butt in a retreat. It's not useless, but it's not as useful as one might think at a glance.

Had a player use a dazzle gem pretty well. Some ogres were in a cave, munching on roasted hobbit. There was a clear path for exiting the cave and on that path, he laid a trap involving dazzle gems before retreating 5MH. It was hastily done, so I gave each ogre an IQ roll (probably 3/IQ) and then a 50/50 chance of stepping on the gem if the IQ test failed. The last ogre managed to step on one, which wasn't great, since the other two had advanced out of range, but it was a good use.
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