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Questions like this are almost the only reason why magic is a fun part of fantasy games! I can't be bothered with a billion different spell names for 'you do damage to a foe at some distance'; these spells that have other consequences are what interest me. My approach to them is not to try to parse it all out in advance - there is too much to consider and too many imaginable circumstances and decisions you might make differently in different moods or with different suggestions. Instead, I like to keep an open mind to how the players or I are interpreting spell effects in the specific situation in which they are used, and then adjudicate to prune away obvious misinterpretations or abuses and perhaps 'nudge' a suggested interpretation if I didn't like the implications. Trying to get more legalistic than that feels like a fools errand to me because you will not find anything in the text of the rule book to tell you whether or not you are 'right'.
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