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Default Re: Infinite Worlds Alt-History Supernature and Superscience

Originally Posted by Greg 1 View Post
When I think about alt-history settings for Infinite Worlds, I find that I always gravitate towards including supernatural or superscientific elements for fear that without them, the local challenges will be too mundane for dimension-hoppers like the PCs.
I tend to operate the other way around. I'll often carefully prune magic and superscience worlds because they let dimension hoppers have access to those powerful tools that slice through mundane problems. If I'm focusing on the Infinity Patrol, Magic, Psi, and Superscience are limited to the worlds they are found on, and most of the challenges are about action heroes with mostly realistic technology solving human problems. Though there is a "flavor" of adventure where infinity agents have to deal with a problem on a weird world.

Sometimes I let loose and let the heroes have magic and superscience. This usually results in a scope larger than infinity unlimited. Half of those games are "ISWAT" games, though I tinker with ISWAT's organization and history: most of the time my ISWAT doesn't report to the Patrol: its a more powerful organization that tolerates the patrol, and is happy to take jobs from them when they stick their foot is something too big for them to handle. The rest of the time it tends to not be an organization, but an individual caught up in a wide multiverse.
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