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That is the precise logical operator suggested by the rules. But like a lot of TFT, I suspect that is because the rules get across a core idea without detailing how it is intended to work in various unusual situations. I don't think it is productive to try to impose a logically rigid interpretation of the wording in these cases so I'd say this is one for a table ruling.

In this particular case, you can see why a table ruling is needed: If the word 'psychic' means the flash is perceived by anyone in range who has a mind, then why does it only effect beings with eyes? A blinded person is presumably not effected by Dazzle, even though they have a brain and might have event spent much of their life with eyes and therefore a brain that perceived light. It is hard to understand why they wouldn't be effected by a 'psychic' light just because their eyes no longer exist or function. I'm not saying you MUST rule it is a line of sight thing, but there are multiple interpretations that are reasonable, so you have to decide for yourself.
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