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Default Dazzle gems

A player asked whether Dazzle Gems can be thrown around corners, protecting your party behind you. Here's the text of the spell.

Dazzle (S): Creates a blinding psychic flash. All sighted
creatures (friend or foe) in an area within 5 megahexes of
the wizardís own megahex (but not the wizard himself)
suffer -3 DX for 3 turns. Images, illusions, etc. (anything
with eyes) are affected. Cost: 3 ST.
The text doesn't mention line of sight and says it's a psychic light, so it's perfectly plausible LOS isn't required. The LOS requirement would also nerf the spell (though I assume closing your eyes doesn't change LOS).

So, am I right that line of sight doesn't matter? I'm not up on psychic physics, two words that should never be juxtaposed because it makes spelling them hard as hell.
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