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Originally Posted by Axly Suregrip View Post
Hi Phiwum,
Sounds like you are looking to have a small group of NPC fighters where most will be beginning fighters.

Some design points:

Fighting gargoyles leads to HTH so armor is good and DX not so much (since the +4 DX in HTH). Also fine daggers will help in HTH, and having the dagger ready would be good too.

Also they should try to outnumber the gargoyles so that some can attack from outside of HTH into the pile. This would mean missile weapons are out, mostly. Also means the melee weapon is best to do high damage to deal with the armor. And it also means a pole weapon user won't be getting engaged, so he can back up and charge again.

Also consider a utility person with a missile weapon in case they are flying to avoid combat.

So this is a squad of four such hunters. They would lead with the two sword men while the crossbow and halberd play back to avoid getting into HTH. Also, they would want a physicker at base camp.

Thug leader 34 pt fighter

ST 14
DX 11(9)
IQ 9

Bastard Swd
Very Fine Dagger (+2 damage) (1+4 in HTH)
Talent: *Toughness x2 (4 cost)
Has sword and dagger in each hand. Thus will not need to chance drawing the dagger when engaged in HTH.
How about making one of the group a wizard.

Give him one (or several) of these:
Clumsiness (T)
Rope (C)
Illusion (C)
Sleep (T)
Drain Strength (S)
Control Person (T)
Staff I, II, III (S)

If the gargoyle goes HTH, they are on the ground with the friend and all attacks on them are at +4 (ITL p117). If you shoot/stab into a HTH, you have a chance of Hitting Your Friends. So if you miss the gargoyle, you roll to see if you hit your friend.
However, if he uses a Thrown Spells, it never miss their target and hit another… they take full effect or none. Failure costs 1 Fatigue. (ITL p 136)

So make them Clumsy and reduce their DX for 3 turns.
Put them to sleep.
Control Person them. With maximum IQ of 10, they might not rebuff it.
With that low IQ, they might not be able to disbelieve all those illusions the Wiz is making. How about adding some Gargoyle Illusions to the mix.

Make a Rope to tangle them up, though the friend may not appreciate being tied up to a still thrashing/crushing gargoyle.

With Staff III, you can flare your energy from the hex next to the HTH or one more away, he gets a DX+3 bonus on top of the +4 DX (all rear hexes). Damage is 1 die or 1 fatigue. Staff III says it bypasses the Natural Defense of its target, but also says magical defenses such as Stone Flesh still operate. Is the part of the Gargoyles ability to stop 3 points of damage partially magical?

And lastly, once the Gargoyle is bound up, Drain his Strength for all its worth.
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