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Now there's an interesting twist!
After seeing Matrix Reloaded, I always hoped they would make a series of Matrix prequels set in a previous incarnation of the Matrix. The incarnation that the vampire, werewolf, and ghost twins were left-over from. A fantasy/gothic-horror Matrix where the "chosen one" fantasy-hero was also a previous incarnation of Neo. Some people would die and wake up in what they called "The Underworld" but it was really the real world. Then the sentinels would grab them, re-introduce them to the Matrix and they'd recount their experiences in "The Underwold". Those would grow into more mythical tall-tales.

The series would culminate with Neo and his followers seemingly vanquishing all the evil in the land but it would trigger massive wake-ups and, after realizing the true nature of the real-world, Neo would negotiate with the AI to build a new Matrix to put everyone back in.

Of course, the ultimate, origin-story, prequel of The Matrix is The Terminator. John Connor and his merry band of rebels set off the nukes that caused the machines to use humans as batteries, which necessitated the creation of The Matrix.
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