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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

Ostav: "The ANI is situated in the brain, but it mostly interacts with external functions. Your mind is only effected by the inputs. An ANI can monitor and modify sensory inputs and motor outputs, but not actually change what you think."

"and yes, that's the theory: the effect is coming from the parts of the brain we don't let the ANI mess with."

The door opens, and another man comes into the already crowded room. He is by far the largest in the room, and both tall and broad. He is well muscled, but his hair is completely white, and his face shows age. It looks quite strange.

"My name is Karl Welker. I understand you're something of a stow away, and that you have amnesia. Its my job to secure the supplies on this ship. I didn't think I'd have to deal with a stow away at this part of the mission".

Dr. Kuse: "The amnesia is real. We can see the brain damage."
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