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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

Ostav: "Its a variety of neural disorders. Memory loss is something we've considered looking into, but its harder to test. Of course, you're not supposed to be here at all, and its weird that the new effect targets you, of all people.

Either that or I'm hallucinating something. Zach, tell me I'm not hallucinating."

Zach West: "you're too lucid to be hallucinating at the moment Ostav. Unless you constantly hallucinate"

"Olive" hasn't seen a window since she's been here. Not one.

Zach: "you can access the public feeds on channel... you don't have an ANI. right. Technically, there is an observation deck at each junction, though that's a good way to feel dizzy. The habitat spins pretty quickly. Or..."

He turns to face a wall, and it lights up, quickly resolving into a close image of the planet from her dream.

"Haxor! home to the first extraterrestrial Megascopic life!"

The match between the planet she saw in her dreams and this image is very very good.
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