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Default Re: How To Be Helpful

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
I’m spending a lot of time on the forum right now, looking for feedback on TFT. Presumably, all of you wish to be helpful; at least, if anyone is simply trying to drive me mad, that’s not obvious. For which I thank you.

But my time for this is limited. So here’s how you can get me to read the comments that you are taking the trouble to write.

Relevant comments are best. If the subject line is “missile spells,” anything that doesn’t seem to be about missile spells within the first couple of lines might get skipped. If the subject line isn’t clear, I may not be reading the thread at all!

SHORT comments are best. A lot of you can type faster than I can. Some of you seem to be able to type faster than I can read. And there are a lot of you. Aieee.

• Nevertheless, I do like it when some reasoning is given. It just doesn’t have to go all the way back to Plato.

• If I ask “red, or yellow?,” the reply of “Howitzers!” will have to get very persuasive, very fast, or I’ll jump past it and return to tallying comments about red and yellow.

• With the planned changes in XP and character advancement, I’ve hit my limit on structural mods to the game, so suggestions like “Here’s a different way to do combat!” are, not out of order, but being written for the entertainment of your fellow readers and not for me. I’m now looking to buff details to make it a smoother and more-fun experience, and I actually hope not to write any more rules.

Thank you - sj
Hi Steve, I'm glad you're looking at the feedback (and there's a lot of it!). So am I right in thinking that, for the moment anyway, you'd prefer us to confine ourselves to comments on areas of the existing rules where we think they could be clearer?
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