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Default Re: Infinite Worlds Timeline

Originally Posted by quarkstomper
The unveiling of such a big scientific discovery in 1998 would definitely make parachronic travel a campaign issue in 2000; it just might give Gore a "Nerd boost" to put him over the top.
I think it probably would. The 2000 election was a pretty close thing, and Gore's "Nerd boost" would certainly have propelled him into the presidency.

Originally Posted by Captain-Captain
...the Iraq invasion seems to indicate Bush in office, period...This administration and likely only this administration would have targeted Iraq with the evidence (or 'evidence') at hand.
Regardless of who was in the White House, I think that the attacks of September 11 2001 would still have likely occured even on Homeline -- the discovery of alternate timelines would not have ended the specter of terrorism. Whether or not this would have ultimately resulted in an invasion of Iraq is a matter of personal belief, but a few thoughts do come to mind:

1) Saddam Hussain was actively interested in acquiring WMDs (nuclear or otherwise). It was well-known that he would have used them if he possessed them.

2) Economic sanctions don't work very well in a world where resources such as food, medicine, and oil are available through the use of parachronic technology. And if such resources are readily available, so are other things...such a the afore-mentioned WMDs.

3) Saddam Hussain had no reason to turn Osama bin Laden over to the Americans even in our own world. On Homeline, he would have been able to sneer at the threats of economic sanctions...and could very possibly have backed the sneering up with threats to use WMDs that he could very well have had.

Just my thoughts...I really don't want to get into a political arguement here.
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