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Default Re: Infinite Worlds Timeline

Going off-topic on my own thread.

I ran the first game of my Infinite Worlds campaign today. The team's mission was to find a tourist who has gone AWOL from a Time Tours trip to a Beatles concert in a 1963 echo. It turns out the guy was a conspiracy nut who wants to witness the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The teams mission was to bring the tourist back and keep him from either meddling in local events or getting in the way of the historical researchers already there to observe history in the making.

The complication is that our tourist has discovered that in this echo Lee Harvey Oswald died in a childhood accident. Yet someone claiming to be Oswald is working at the Texas School Book Depository.

The historians have also discovered the lack of an Oswald in this world, and so have decided to meddle themselves, inserting a faux Oswald into the scenario. When the tourist showed up, they realized they had to take him out to keep him from spoiling the experiment. And then when the players showed up...

The game went pretty well. It was rough in a couple places where I hadn't planned quite as thoroughly as I thought I had, but the players all enjoyed it.

Now for the next game...
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