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The Mercurian went back into the lounge for a cup of coffee after another satisfying day of working with those who needed the help the most. Although one runs into a more desperate cross-section of humanity when working at a free clinic, especially in a town that is known for its large population of homeless people, it does allow one to interact with raw humanity and a minimum of facade (at least on the humans') part when they need help the most.

Nechama was suddenly startled by the rolling sounds of Disturbance in the Symphony, quite close by. This being a Tether, it really wasn't all that uncommon, and one got used to the background disturbance that comes from being in such a place.

"Nechama," a ringing alto voice said.

Standing up, startled, Nechama said, "My Lady!"

Zadkiel smiled. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. How are you finding your new assignment in the United States?"

Nechama shrugged. "There are cultural differences. The weather is much nicer; everybody around here talks about how cold it is in San Francisco. They probably need to get out more. But, working at the clinic, we see people perhaps at their most desperate. If humans had more opportunity to see each other when they needed help the most, they might realize that their cultural differences aren't so great as they sometimes think."

Zadkiel nodded. "Indeed. I'm sorry to pull you away before you have time to really settle, but something has come up, and I need an angel that I can trust to work on it. It's regarding Eli. Novalis and I have been getting more and more worried about him in recent years, and not it looks like Judgement is going to step up their investigation of him. We need to put together a group to try to find Eli and protect him before he's found by forces that may have prejudged him. To figure out what he is really up to, and to help him manage to do it in spite of an increasingly hostile heaven."

Nechama's eyes widened. This was potentially something big.

"On June 4, there's going to be a meeting at Golden Gate Park," the Archangel of Protection said, gesturing at the nearby tether to Flowers. "Novalis and myself will be there, along with the rest of the group that we're putting together. They will all be angels who have proven themselves as well as you know we're taking this seriously."

Nodding, Nechama merely said, "As you wish my Lady."

"I will speak with you further in a few days. And, now, before I need to go on to deal with other matters, I want to speak briefly with Hazana. God be with you."

"Thank you, my Lady."
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