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As Thelodux is driving the General to a place to eat, General Rubrum leans over the Halcyone. "Miss, I hear you came from Verdaze. How do you like the desert!" He chuckles to himself. "They always pass on a doctored picture to us. How is the rebellion there going, really? They still confident the emperor is going to stay asleep?"
I'll present a reasonably accurate picture from my research earlier, peppering it with anecdotes the same way I did with Thelo earlier. With regard to confidence in the emperor, I'll say:
"More or less. Some people find it quite odd that the Emperor is staying asleep for so long, but they tend to keep to themselves about it."

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After the Dinner, Rubrum has Thelodux make a detour to a hospital, and asks to see Alexa, the injured bodyguard you are substituting for. How will you be securing this hospital visit?
How was dinner? Is food on Verdaze as awful as they say?

Alright; I think it should pretty simple. We'll have one of us with the General at all times (to keep him safe in case something happens), and another wherever the General will be next (to case the area for potential threats). I'll volunteer myself to case ahead, though the general has the final say. In either case I'll be keeping my eyes peeled.

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