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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
"I would look upon the mystic source of these enchantments. Please, show me the other chambers... I must see the full context of the enchantment before interceeding."

Vassarious maintains a pleasant and 'angelic' tone, conveying a sense of warmth, despite speaking in a stark formality...

She adopts a falsehood as truth in her imagination and thinks of the forces present as her own entourage to banish any feelings of intimidation that might otherwise show.
The "tour guide" priest looks confused: "which other chambers? I am not sure of what you are talking about."

He is intentionally being obtuse.

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
I'll go with maybe a third to half my time, for maybe a week.
Ok... we'll roll at the end of that time.
"Well I guess learning would beat walking everywhere."

This calls for a roll, I guess.

Well, it doesn't look good, but I suppose once you add TDM it should fall well under margin.
Halcyone manages not to crash into anything, but isn't picking up driving nearly as quickly as she would have hoped. Thelodox is fairly patient with her, and says he hopes they will soon move on to actually navigating traffic... which will be harder to practice.

"Well I guess I'm lucky that I'm more risk averse than her. Or less of an acrobat. Probably both."
"We'll see. I haven't dared you to do anything yet!"

As Thelodux is driving the General to a place to eat, General Rubrum leans over the Halcyone. "Miss, I hear you came from Verdaze. How do you like the desert!" He chuckles to himself. "They always pass on a doctored picture to us. How is the rebellion there going, really? They still confident the emperor is going to stay asleep?"

After the Dinner, Rubrum has Thelodux make a detour to a hospital, and asks to see Alexa, the injured bodyguard you are substituting for. How will you be securing this hospital visit?
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